Cowan Investments LLC

Cowan Investments LLC is a principal lender which specialises in providing alternative, regulated and non-regulated, short and long term loans, bridging & development finance solutions.

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Property Finance

We displays a drive to support property developers with their buy-refurb-sell business model.

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Committed To Service

As a service focused lender we are committed to acting quickly to provide transparent lending decisions with highly competitive rates.

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Traditional Bridging Finance

We offer our clients fast, open and closed bridging loans, as well as short and long terms finance for projects.

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Cowan Investments is a principal lender which specialises in providing alternative, short and long term loans, regulated and non-regulated, bridging and development finance solutions.

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We act quickly to provide our clients with fast, open and closed bridging loans, development finance, as well as short and long-term finance for projects.

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To submit a loan enquiry, please complete the enquiry form so that our underwriting team can contact you to discuss your loan requirement in more detail.

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Brooker Secured Income Fund


Cowan Secured Income Fund provides the opportunity for investors to participate in the short-term finance market. To learn more, click below.

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Bridging Finance Explained

Property Finance Explained

To learn more about short-term bridging and development finance and to review case studies please click on the learn more button below.

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Document Download

Document Download

To download a loan enquiry form, full loan application or other relevant loan documentation please click on the download button below. 


Recent Press

To read recent news articles relating to Cowan Investments & Cowan Secured Income Fund please click on the read more button below.

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